SEPTEMBER - First 3 Weeks of Class (22 Basic Calls)
Circle Left (Right)
Forward and Back
Couples Promenade
Boys Promenade
2 Ladies Chain / Courtesy Turn
4 Ladies Chain
Grand Square
Rollaway ½ Sashay
Ladies in, Men Sashay
Girls Promenade
Couples Promenade ½
Single File Promenade
Allemande Left
Right and Left Grand
Weave the Ring
Right / Left Hand Star
Right and Left Through -- Courtesy Turn
Pass Through
U-turn Back

SEPTEMBER - Fourth Week
Separate Around 1 or 2 to a Line
Star Thru
Corner Identification from a Zero Box Formation (as after Heads Square Thru 4) Right and Left Thru from Zero Box
Right and Left Thru from Zero Box

OCTOBER - First Week (Oct. 2)
Lead Right
Circle to a Line
Bend the Line
Corner Identification from Trade by Formation

OCTOBER - Second Week (Oct. 9)
Walk All Around Your Corner
See Saw
Star Promenade
Back Track
2 Ladies Chain From Lines - Click on Four Ladies Chain from Normal Lines Corner Identification from Lines Facing Out

OCTOBER - Thrid Week (Oct. 16)
California Twirl
Dive Thru
Split the Outside Two, go ‘round 1 to a line - Click on Split the Outside Couple, Separate, Go Around One to a Line

OCTOBER - Fourth Week (Oct. 23)
Square Thru
Square Thru from a Zero Box
Box the Gnat Wrong Way Grand Wheel Around (from a Couples Promenade)

November - First Week (Nov. 5)
Allemande Thar Formation
Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
Shoot the Star
Slip the Clutch

November - Second Week (Nov. 12)
Veer Left
Couples Circulate (the first of 11 kinds of Circulates) - Click on Couples Circulate from a Right-Hand Two-faced Lines
Ferris Wheel

November - Third Week (Nov. 19)
Ocean Wave Formation / Step to a Wave / Do-sa-do to a Wave
Swing Thru (easiest two formations only: BGGB & GBBG)
Boys Run
Trades (Boys / Girls / Ends / Centers)

December - First Week (Dec. 4)
Pass the Ocean
Extend (from ¼ Tag Formation Only)
Ocean Wave Circulates (Boys / Girls / Ends / Centers)

December - Second Week (Dec. 11)
Swing Thru from Facing Couples
Couples Promenade ¾ Couples Trade - Click on Couples Trade from
Partner Trade (prepare for Trade By) - Click on Partners Trade from…Couples Facing Out
Swing Thru Double - Note a Swing Thru Twice

December - Third Week (Dec. 18)
Wheel and Deal (Lies Facing Out / Normal Couples only) - Click on Lines Facing Out
Double Pass Thru
First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go right

January - Second Week (Jan. 8)
Flutter Wheel
Reverse Flutter Wheel
Sweep 1/4
January - Third Week (Jan. 15)
Trade By
Wheel and Deal (2-Faced Lines)
January - Fourth Week (Jan. 22)
Touch 1/4
Circulate (from a column)
Girls Run
January - Fifth Week (Jan. 29)
All 8 Circulate
Swing Thru (harder formations: BBGG / BGBG / etc)
February - First Week (Feb. 5)
Turn Thru (simplest case only, ocean waves into an Allemande Left)
Alamo Wave / Allemande Left in the Alamo Style / Swing Thru and Turn Thru
February - Second Week (Feb. 12)
Spin the Top
Right and Left Thru following a Spin the Top
Chain Down the Line from 2-Faced Lines
February - Third Week (Feb. 19)
Centers In (from a Completed Double Pass Thru only)
February - Fourth Week (Feb. 29)
Cast of 3/4 (from lines facing out)
Wheel and Deal -- All Boy / Girl arrangements from lines facing out
March - First Week (Mar. 5)
Walk and Dodge
Slide Thru
Fold / Cross-fold (we need Cross-Fold to teach Recycle
March - Second Week (Mar. 12)
Dixie Style to a Wave
Left Swing Thru, Click on Left-Hand Wave
Cross Run (centers of lefty waves only)
Left Wave Circulates
Chain Down the Line (lefty waves)
March - Third Week (Mar. 19)
Square Thru from All Boy / Girl Arrangements
Right and Left Grand from Ocean Waves
March - Fourth Week (Mar. 19)
Tag the Line (In / Out / Right / Left )
1/2 Tag
April - First Week (Apr. 2)
Single Hinge
Scoot Back
April - Second Week (Apr. 9)
Teacup Chain
Star Patterns
April - Third Week (Apr. 16)
Acey Deucey
Ping Pong Circulate
April - Fourth Week (Apr. 23)
Load the Boat
Anything and Spread
April - Fifth Week (Apr. 30)
Track II