Class & Dance Resources

This page lists the curriculum of the upcoming Beginner Square Dance class. The class is comprised of sixteen sessions. The calls to be covered in each individual session are listed below along with links to short video lessons and animations to demonstrate those calls. Students are encouraged to review calls that have been taught, preview calls yet to be taught, or catch up if a session is missed.

Introductory Session - September 8

Sessions 2, 3, and 4 - September 15, 22, and 29

Many thanks to Tam Twirlers for putting the Taminations call animations online, and to Moscow Red Squares, The Traveling Hoedowners, and for sharing their videos online for new square dancers everywhere.

Quick links to other square dance resources

  • Taminations - This is a smartphone app that plays square dance call animations to show how dancers move relative to each other. The free Apple and Android versions can be downloaded with the buttons below. 

  • Nearby square dance clubs

    • Singles & Pairs, Santa Rosa  website

    • Redwood Rainbows, Sebastopol  website

    • Tam Twirlers, San Rafael  website

    • Buzzin' Boots, Novato  website